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How to paint Dark Skin on Velour Paper Vol.1 (English)


How to paint Dark Skin on Velour Paper Vol.1 (English)



African girl pastel portrait pdf

2 Lessons step by step of a studio session in PDF format, interactive and easy to use on any computer.

Gérard Minéo explains you everything about his technique in the making of 2 portraits of a little African girl from photograph. This PDF book includes the artist’s commentary in plain English.

You may enjoy the demonstration again and again, jumping from a step to another in a second. Each step of the process is described and widely illustrated, including color selection for the most famous brands of pastels and of course all fascinating details.

An easy to navigate interface in English allows a fast and effective navigation trough the PDF content. Numerous different steps that you can reach instantaneously. Everything you need to know to start seriously to work on black people portraits with soft pastels.


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